Lunide wants to help other moms make cleaning baby bottles easier and less messy. How did she come up with the idea?

One night, her daughter, Peace, was hungry and crying. All the bottles were dirty, so she needed to wash them quickly. But she dreaded washing the bottles because she always ends up all wet. So, she put a Styrofoam cup upside down over the baby bottle brush bristles. This covered the bottle opening and stopped water from splashing back at her and her counter. That’s when she had a great idea, and Kuvri was born!

Dishwasher-cleaned bottles = 16 million microplastics swallowed by baby daily! Choose a safer way

We wouldn’t blame you if this comes as news.

It was a revelation to me too.

Now, let’s delve into another surprising fact…

Did you know over 140 million babies join us on earth each year, with 3 million of those in the U.S alone? With these adorable arrivals comes the less-than-adorable task of bottle cleaning, turning a simple chore into an exhausting cascade of tasks.

We all know that feeling – sleep-deprived, soaked from rogue water splashes, and tackling what feels like an endless conveyor belt of bottles à la “I Love Lucy”! The cleaning mayhem of about 10 bottles a day is not just time-consuming, it feels like a never-ending comedy episode.

Well, we’re here to turn the tables. Make way for Kuvri – a solution designed to make bottle cleaning a splash-free, stress-free task. Now, you can spend less time on the mess, and more on what truly matters – your precious little ones. Let’s put the joy back into the journey of motherhood!

Did you know a common shortcut could be harming your little one? When time-pressed and tired, many working moms resort to tossing their baby’s plastic bottles (the choice of 80% of moms due to cost and durability) into the dishwasher. But, here’s the startling truth – dishwashers can melt these plastic bottles, leading to the ingestion of up to 16 million microplastic particles by your baby each day!

Choose safer and smarter with Kuvri. Keep your baby safer, your routine simpler, and your conscience clearer. Protect your little ones, one bottle wash at a time.

Kuvri is the easier, quicker and safer way to clean baby bottles without the messy splashes or microplastics

Still don’t believe us? Are you still fed up with water splash carnage during bottle cleaning? Well, we’ve got just the thing – meet Kuvri, a name inspired by the Haitian-Kreyol word for “cover.”

Kuvri is a splash guard designed to barricade water from splashing onto you or your surroundings. Now, mothers can bid adieu to relying on dishwashers for thorough cleaning. With Kuvri shield and a bit of soap and water, each bottle cleaning is a breeze.

But Kuvri does more than just stop splashes. It halts the cascade of chores in its tracks. No extra mess, no extra cleanup. Just simple, effective bottle washing. Kuvri – Cover, Clean, Chill.

Make the smart choice for mess-free, hassle-free baby bottle cleaning. Your kitchen, clothes, and peace of mind will thank you!

Ready to stop the Splish-Splash Saga During Bottle Cleaning?